dallas family photographer molly coulter photography
dallas childrens photographer molly coulter photography
Photo credit:  Mallory shelton

Photo credit: Mallory shelton

I’m Molly…

A Dallas native and natural light photographer who adores children of all ages and the precious bond a family shares. Most find that the easiest way to document all of life’s simple and special moments is from their “not so special” iPhone. While you may love the ability and instant gratification you get from snapping, posting, and sharing your images on Facebook and Instagram, you also probably find that you never get around to printing or displaying those special moments around your home. That’s what you have me for.

Since so many can identify with the situation above, it is for that reason that I truly desire to serve you by being your photographer. I am intentional and committed to personally capturing your family, your child, your precious new baby, or a special season in life. Furthermore, I walk alongside of you to help assist you in choosing pieces of art for your family and loved ones to display around your home. You see, when you invest in professional portraits, you are really investing in your family’s memories for years to come.

In the meantime, here’s the “fun stuff” about me…

Family is a gift and mine is my favorite. I never take for granted the gift of an ordinary day. I love the color red, but my favorite color changes by the minute. I love Diet Coke fountain drinks. If money was irrelevant I would fill my home with a new fresh flower arrangement each week. Kanakuk Kamps has played an incredibly large role in my life. I love ponytails. Kids are gifts. I’m a former elementary school teacher. Hand written letters melt my heart, and acts of service make my heart skip a beat. Daily serendipities are my favorite. Making an ABC thankful list is almost a daily occurrence. My favorite lyrics come from old hymns. I believe that a girl can never own too much gold jewelry and that a few sparkles always make your day better. I’m a firm believer in the necessity of “treats” (pizza and queso are two of my favorites). Most importantly, I love the Lord and am continually reminded of his abundant grace and my need for Him.

Ready to book? I can’t wait!

molly coulter photography